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Designed to help anglers mark their sweet spot, the Eagle Claw Marker Buoy 2pkallows anglers to maintain their positioning and make that perfect cast from many different angles. Anglers know how difficult it is to make that perfect cast to deep structure. It’s often difficult to remember the exact location or angle that offers the optimal presentation. The Eagle Claw Marker Buoy utilizes a 6oz bendable piece of metal that sinks to the bottom and holds the marker in place even in windy conditions. With the help of this bright orange marker buoy, anglers can make casts directly to the structure they wish to fish. Making precise presentations to deep water rock piles, ledges, or humps is much easier with the assistance of a visual target. Anglers also often use marker buoys to assist in boat positioning and in some cases also use them to inhibit other anglers from encroaching upon their water.

The Eagle Claw Marker Buoy has 75′ of line and a 6oz bendable lead weight. Quantity: 2pk.

  • Orange marker buoy
  • 75′ line
  • Lead weight
  • Lead/plastic construction

Eagle Claw Marker Bouy 2/pk 11030-001

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