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Frabill Sale Frabill Grip N Check Fish Measurer - 

The Grip N Check Fish Measurer's innovative design stops the flop and allows anglers to quickly and easily get an accurate measurement of their catch. With either hand, simply grab hold of the fish's lip and slide it into the Grip N Check's funnel arms, and then let go as the fish is guided into measuring position. Once the fish is in measuring position, use the curved thumb press to stop the flopping and to get an accurate measurement. The Grip N Check is designed with an easy-to-read box, and when the fish’s tail falls within the box the fish measures between 9'' and 10'' which is the minimum keeper length in most states for crappie and other panfish. If the fish’s tail doesn’t reach the box, simply turn the Grip N Check on end and let the fish slip back into the water. The Grip N Check is made from high-impact polycarbonate which rinses clean for years of easy and accurate measurements.

KB Innovations Grip N' Check Fish Measurer

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