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Magic® Worm Laboratory research has determined that good bedding must be organic, absorbent and easy to work with, and that’s what our worm bedding is. Magic® Worm Bedding is made from a special sphagnum peat moss base, an organic fibrous material which will hold up to twenty times its own weight in moisture. This ability to control moisture is unique from ground up newspaper beddings that pack, harden and dry out from lack of moisture retention. Its rich dark color darkens worms so they are closer to natural fish food colors. The spongy, fluffy structure of Magic® Worm Bedding is maintained because it is made of millions of tiny fibers that also work to toughen and condition worms so they will live longer on the hook and catch more fish.

Magic® Worm Bedding is clean, odorless and easy to work with. You add only one quart of water to a pound of bedding to support 100 nightcrawlers or 200 smaller worms. When the bedding becomes black, it is full of worm castings and needs to be replaced. Instead of throwing it out like paper beddings, you can use this natural humus as an excellent potting soil.

Magic Products WORM BEDDING 103 #3

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