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This complete storage unit keeps hundreds of worms fresh and active while the portable Magic® Bait Containers are away with you at the lake. The Ranch’s polystyrene container is sufficiently ventilated and includes 41⁄2 lb. bag of bedding, 12 oz. bag of worm food and complete instructions.

Since nightcrawlers need to be kept about 50 degrees to survive, they need refrigeration. Some large worm containers can’t fit into a full sized refrigerator, but the Magic® Worm Ranch easily can. Still it allows you the room to keep up to 450 nightcrawlers or 900 smaller worms for several weeks and 200 nightcrawlers or 400 smaller worms for longer periods. To maintain this large supply of earthworms, be sure to properly care for them by checking moisture content and monitoring their temperature by thermometer.

Magic Products WORM RANCH 1001

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